Why Nigerians Should Be Careful With Online Investments Says JeroidNG CEO


Nigerian entrepreneur, Adeduni Jeremiah Mayowa has called on Nigerians not to be left behind in leveraging Bitcoin and other digital assets to achieve their financial freedom.

According to the CEO, and Founder of JeroidNG, a leading e-commerce platform, encouraged Nigerians to engage with a global currency such as Bitcoin which can help boost economies and create jobs.

Jeremiah said the advent of crypto as well as blockchain technology in general will disrupt traditional banking, including central banking, in ways we haven’t dreamed of yet, it’s only good for many people who still doubt this innovation to be educated and join the train.

He further stated that Blockchain technology has presented a number of different opportunities for Nigerians trying to diversify their sources of income and protect themselves from economic downturns, despite poverty, inflation and unemployment levels in record highs, and with COVID-19 as an additional threat. .

“Disruptive technology can reduce barriers to financial inclusion in Nigeria, according to Enhancing Financial Innovation & Access (EFInA) which promotes financial inclusion through financial sector development.


“The report says Africa’s largest economy could see its gross domestic product increase by $29 billion by the end of the decade.

Jeremiah also said that “Cryptocurrency transaction is a challenge that people are facing all over the world. I implore Nigerians to conduct a thorough study to understand how it works.

“The common take is that it can easily be deployed to fund criminal activity, but it came to stay, and if we’re going to allow it in the future, we should start learning about it now,” he said. he advises.

Founded by Adeduni Jeremiah Mayowa, JeroidNG is a leading platform that trades unused Bitcoin, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play gift cards and the company also engages in cryptocurrency business.

JeroidNG has grown from what started as an idea to a team of over 20 employees within its headquarters in Lagos, changing lives and creating self-made millionaires, all with their business strategies.

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Why Nigerians Should Be Careful With Online Investments Says JeroidNG CEO

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Why Nigerians Should Be Careful With Online Investments Says JeroidNG CEO


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