WeDeliver Launches First Micro-Execution Hubs in MENA Region, Relieving Fast Trade Problems


RIYAD: WeDeliver, the Riyadh-based startup that applies technology to connect businesses to independent drivers for door-to-door deliveries, today announced the launch of the firstmicro-realization hubs. These strategically located mini-warehouses are dark stores for quick commerce that went live this month in Riyadh and allow e-commerce owners to offer a few hours of delivery time to their customers.

The boom in e-commerce and online shopping since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic still continues across the world. According to Statista, online retail revenues are expected to reach 20T Saudi Riyal in 2022. Supply chain issues are more in the spotlight than ever. WeDeliver is the fastest, easiest way for e-commerce businesses to launch and expand same-day delivery that reaches every household in 14 cities across Saudi Arabia and the MENA region.

WeDeliver will introduce 14 hubs in Riyadh by the end of the first quarter of 2022, and 88 more hubs in the MENA region by the end of next year. These hubs are distributed on the basis of heat maps within a city to ensure sufficient coverage in high demand areas. The ability to store inventory in these mini-warehouses – located close to customers – rather than larger warehouses on the outskirts of city centers will help reduce shipping areas and costs associated with online orders. With WeDeliver, orders will be processed faster and at a lower cost from the nearest hubs.

“Speed ​​of delivery is the biggest competitive advantage for sellers,” said Ahmad Ramahi, CEO and co-founder of WeDeliver. “Our micro-hubs will help businesses join the fast-growing e-commerce market by giving sellers the ability to be minutes away from their customers and faster than before. “

WeDeliver also provides personalized packaging to sellers using branded boxes and special packaging when fulfilling orders. The company also offers a hassle-free returns service that allows customers to generate return shipping labels and track returns while processing sellers’ products in their available inventory as efficiently as possible. The complete cycle is traceable; As soon as an order ships, a tracking link is sent to sellers and buyers. Insurance is

“The rise of rapid trade services will increase the demand for fulfillment solutions in the region. As we have seen over the past five years, how the on-demand business model has changed consumer behavior towards speed of delivery. Therefore, we introduced the concept of using distributed micro-hubs in our region in strategic locations to serve e-commerce businesses instead of using the traditional centralized execution model that has been used for decades, ” explains Nasser Almawie, co-founder and CCO.

Mohammad Abu Kwaik, Co-Founder and CTO, added, “WeDeliver is developing AI-based technology that predicts high demand products based on data and shelf life, such as most popular or seasonal items, and this will allow us to manage inventory and store products in the hubs closest to customers even before they place their orders online. “

Their participatory delivery model allows companies to quickly launch and scale new delivery services. With the addition of these strategically placed mini-hubs, WeDeliver’s same day delivery combines the convenience of online shopping with immediate access to stationary retail products.

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