Twitter allows Apple and Google to sign up with a third party



The US microblogging and social networking service Twitter has finally introduced third-party login support, which will now allow users to create accounts and log into the platform with their Apple or Google accounts. According to The Verge, Twitter has also allowed users to link their existing account to an Apple or Google account, as long as the emails are the same.

This feature reportedly appeared in Twitter’s beta last month, but it now appears to be more widely available. The signup process is like a more streamlined version of the regular process, as there are no emails or passwords to manage. At the moment, the connection experience is not universal. Signing in with Google is possible on iOS, Android, and web, but signing in with Apple is currently only iOS, though web support is coming soon, according to Twitter support. The current version of the Twitter desktop app for Mac does not appear to support any of the sign-in methods.

On Android, logging into an account created with Apple does not seem possible. The “Continue with Apple” button isn’t there, and using the traditional Twitter login with the Apple ID password doesn’t seem to work. Additionally, users may not be able to change their password after creating their account with an Apple ID because the page asks for the current password.

A Twitter support page mentions the ability to sign out their Apple or Google account, but that’s only on the web, which Apple users can’t yet sign in. Google users can reset their password after logging out their account. It’s probably no coincidence that the connection process with Google and Apple starts simultaneously. Apple’s App Store guidelines clearly require apps to include Apple as an option if the app allows other third-party connections. (ANI)

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