Tsinghua graduates get global push on civil service


Wallis Wang and Michael Shum

SAR’s new chief executive, John Lee Ka-chiu, yesterday urged graduates of Tsinghua University in Hong Kong to deepen their understanding of national development and take a holistic view.

The graduates come from a program aimed at developing talents organized by the elite Beijing University as part of its master’s program in public administration.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony via video yesterday, he said graduates are expected to deepen their knowledge of national development after Beijing said Hong Kong should become a financial center, d innovation and international aviation.

“Hong Kong should seize the development opportunities offered by the Greater Bay Area as well as one of Hong Kong’s mega-development plans – the Northern Metropolis,” Lee said.

Future administration officials should also have a global outlook while being familiar with domestic and Hong Kong affairs, he added.

“The geopolitics of the world is now complex and unstable, so Hong Kong administration officials need to be forward-looking in addition to having a good understanding of the local situation,” Lee said.

One country, two systems and principles of high degree of autonomy have made remarkable achievements in the past 25 years after the handover, he said.

The SAR still needs to build its capacity in public administration at a time when “patriots run Hong Kong” with the implementation of the National Security Law in June 2020.

The Public Administration Talent Program is the first to develop public administration executive talent for Hong Kong.

He called on graduates to put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired at university.

“Hong Kong is an executive-led political system. Knowledge of public administration provides a solid foundation for governance in the SAR, but the most important thing is to use the knowledge in practice and contribute to future development. from Hong Kong with work experience in other fields.”


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