Telangana chief innovation officer Ravi Narayan steps down as CEO of Hyderabad-based T-Hub, the New Indian Express


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HYDERABAD: After an illustrious journey with T-Hub and its startup ecosystem spanning three years, CEO Ravi Narayan recently announced that he would be stepping down due to family commitments once his replacement is found. However, he would continue to sit on the boards of several companies with which he has been associated. During a meeting with Express, Ravi, who is also the innovation director of Telangana, presents the journey of startups in the country, the evolution of T-Hub into a virtual startup accelerator during the pandemic. and what lies ahead.


On the evolution of startups
“It all started in the early 2000s, when a generation of young people adopted information technology as the world’s skill set, which was also encouraged by society. Today, startups in India have reached such maturity that they offer solutions directly to innovation directors and CFOs of large global companies, which was not the case before.

Between 2006 and 2013, more and more young people started to emerge as start-up entrepreneurs, as this was becoming more and more accepted due to the enthusiasm surrounding startups. From 2012, when Indianization of business models for B2C markets specific to Indian markets started to occur; startups have also entered B2B models, now taking less time with smaller teams and being more ambitious. It has contributed enormously to the GDP. ”

On the role of T-Hub
“The state government’s proactivity to create a space for incubation and acceleration of startups has now shifted from coworking to virtual acceleration, making it a source of demand for startups where they can build an ecosystem. funding through a multitude of programs. It has helped startups go global, creating pathways for the creation of ecosystems, which is a challenge to overcome. ”

On his experience of trial and error
“I minimize ‘startup failures’ because the faster they fail, the better off they are, because they can stop, rethink where they went wrong, and do it differently through their own experiences. They can prepare to make changes and move forward with persistence. ”

On funding, the challenges during the Covid
“Funding is not a problem for startups if their innovation is good enough. Investors have been looking for startup teams that are strong – from an engagement standpoint, ready to solve interesting problems with innovation. that T-Hub’s ability to physically work with startups was a challenge, this was done effectively through virtual methods. Building T-Hub’s capacity to enable startups to move forward would be the way forward. ”


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