Tech companies hail government 5G initiatives in budget 2022



Goh Chee Hoh

KUCHING: Tech companies have hailed the government’s commitment to its nationwide 5G rollout with allocations made under the recently announced 2022 budget.

“The 2022 budget is clear in its intention to maximize the potential of the digital economy, in particular in its goal of expanding the 5G ecosystem as part of the National Digital Network Plan (Jendela).

“It is therefore encouraging to see the government investing funds of up to RM 700 million to improve connectivity between 47 industrial sites and 630 schools across the country,” said Goh Chee Hoh, Managing Director of Trend Micro Malaysia and emerging countries.

However, he stressed that as the government ramps up its bold initiatives to step up digitization, it is imperative that cybersecurity remains a priority for businesses as they defend themselves against the ever-growing onslaught of cyberthreats. In the last year in particular, cyber attacks have become increasingly complex.

“While it is laudable that the Defense Ministry received 16 billion ringgit to fortify our national borders, efforts should also be made to strengthen the country’s cybersecurity position. This is especially critical when security incidents in recent times illustrate cybersecurity as a key infrastructure priority.

“As e-commerce and mobile devices and applications become an integral part of our lives, concerns about data privacy are growing concerns with the prevalence of breaches and the unauthorized sharing of personal information. We also urge the government to continue improving national cybersecurity regulations and privacy policies to further deter malicious activity.

“As more Malaysian organizations embark on their digital transformation, the need to be ready to respond to an attack becomes even more pressing. The best option for them is to prepare in advance: protect critical assets and IT infrastructure, implement detection technology to identify these attacks before they occur, and prepare a recovery and response plan. if an attack is successful. These steps help organizations maintain control of the situation even if they have been compromised, ”Goh said.

Eric Quah

Meanwhile, Red Hat Malaysia stressed that this was clearly recognized in the 2022 national budget. The Malaysian government is fortifying the country with strategic investments to be ready for Industry Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0) and to welcome the global digital economy.

“We applaud the government’s commitment to expand 5G services to 36% of high-density areas, including the major cities of Johor, Selangor, Penang, Sabah and Sarawak in 2022. This commitment, linked to the investment of 30 billion ringgits via Government Enterprises (GLC) under the Perkukuh Pelaburan Rakyat Initiative (PERKUKUH), will be critical to Malaysia’s transition to 5G and infrastructure upgrades.

“We see a tremendous opportunity for us to accelerate and further fuel the digital journey with our customers across Malaysia.

“We believe 5G will be the foundation for a new wave of innovation and opportunity. Around the world, the telecommunications industry is testing 5G innovations and multi-access computing technology (MAEC).

“The advent of 5G exponentially expands the capabilities and potential of connected IoT and business applications, driven by the consistency of low latency and greater bandwidth availability for all.

“The adoption of 5G-based IoT technologies will benefit many industries including the public sector, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture and transportation, which are also key investment areas outlined in the budget. national 2022 ”, commented Eric Quah, Country Director of Red Hat Malaysia.



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