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Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan) Ltd (渣打 國際 的業 銀行) announced on Thursday that it had won the title of “International Retail Bank of the Year – Taiwan” at this year’s Retail Banking Awards presented by Asian Banking and Finance magazine for the second year in a row.

The bank also received the “Wealth Management Platform of the Year-Taiwan” and “Corporate Social Responsibility and Green Program of the Year” awards from the magazine.

Standard Chartered Taiwan is also highly rated by professionals and consumers among the country’s foreign banks, as it also received the “Best Digital Bank Award” and “Best Social Inclusion Award” from Excellence Magazine on Thursday. , did he declare.

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Kate Lin (æž— ç´  真), head of personal and business banking at Standard Chartered Taiwan, said the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic not only changed people’s daily behaviors, but also tested the ability to innovation and resilience of banking services.

Standard Chartered Taiwan’s digital banking strategy and advanced deployment of associated platforms, coupled with its personalized services, fully meet clients’ financial needs and make the ‘International Retail Bank of the Year – Taiwan’ award more valuable Lin said.

In addition, Standard Chartered Taiwan said its efforts to actively implement financial innovation in its investment and wealth management services have been recognized by its clients.

As the COVID-19 pandemic worsens, customers have increasingly made investments or transactions through digital channels. The bank said the proportion of customers subscribing to funds through digital channels alone increased by 20%.

The bank said its online currency trading platform provides a 24-hour currency transaction service. In addition to real-time currency quotes and currency order monitoring functions, the digital services of the bank have dramatically improved the convenience for its customers to conduct foreign exchange transactions, he said.

The bank launched an online currency exchange event in May to encourage its customers to use digital channels during the pandemic, resulting in a 43% monthly increase in the number of customers using the channels, he added.

Standard Chartered Taiwan said winning the “Best Digital Bank Award” for the second time as a foreign bank, as well as the “Award for Best Social Inclusion,” from Excellence magazine shows that it is committed to taking responsibility. its responsibilities as corporate citizenship, as well as community feedback and care of disadvantaged people, in addition to its core financial activity.

For example, the bank-promoted Futuremakers charity program focuses on low- and middle-income visually-impaired and disadvantaged people aged 16 to 35, with the aim of helping them pursue higher education and careers. he declares.

Last year, the bank helped more than 1,200 disadvantaged young people through the program, while its employees also helped disadvantaged young people and families overcome their difficulties through various assistance projects, he said. added.

Standard Chartered Taiwan declared that it was “Taiwan International Retail Bank of the Year”, “Taiwan Wealth Management Platform of the Year” and “Best Digital Bank” award. focus on its main financial activity, or “Corporate Social Responsibility and Green Program of the Year” and “Best Social Inclusion Award” which affirms its corporate social responsibility, it will continue to focus on the development of the bank digital, expand the financial ecosystem through cooperation with multiple partners and combine the resources of the group to provide customers in Taiwan with world-class financial services and help them align with international trends.

The bank said it will also promote sustainable development with practical actions, aiming to become the most sustainable bank in the world.

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