SPS GoGreen S-LAM ™ technology meets customer demand for environmentally friendly cards while ensuring sustainability of investment in manufacturing processes



Jean-Baptiste Leos, Marketing Director of Banking Products at SPS said: “With our new GoGreen S-LAM ™ range, we are ensuring that card sellers can meet all market requirements while retaining the industrial advantages of the coupling process. inductive SPS.

Citizens around the world are increasingly concerned about the environment and are ready to align their purchasing decisions with their values. This requires a change of habits on several levels, including taking a fresh look at the cards they want to see in their wallet. Everyone is increasingly concerned by their ecological footprint, the pollution generated by plastic waste and, more generally, by environmental issues. It is predicted that by 2025, around 25% of dual interface card bodies will be made with environmentally friendly materials.

By helping citizens to match their behavior with their values, SPS introduces GoGreen S-LAM â„¢, its series of new card materials, which reduce the release of toxic compounds into the environment. Included in its global portfolio, SPS offers a comprehensive set of components and options to help its customers manufacture the most suitable, qualified and certified sustainable solutions. Manufactured from recycled sources, these materials will be able to degrade without dispersing harmful chlorine-based chemicals while allowing easy integration with existing tools and manufacturing methods already used by card vendors.

Thanks to these new recycled and chloride-free plastics offered by SPS, card manufacturers will be able to expand their offer and adapt to the demand of issuers wishing to offer multiple options to their cardholders. Thus, card issuers can offer eco-responsible cards in addition to their existing offer which already includes standard cards and high-end cards such as metal cards and personalized and S-Lam modules. This extended offering opens up options for the marketing teams of financial institutions as it is now evident that consumers not only demand green efforts from businesses, but are also willing to accept higher prices for environmentally friendly products and services. ‘environment.

SPS’s new GoGreen S-LAM â„¢ green materials portfolio includes the following from strategic suppliers:

  • Recycled PVC GoGreen rPVC (Recycled PVC), which contains a minimum of 99% recycled industrial plastic, leading to a reduction of the carbon footprint of approximately 48%. With GoGreen rPVC, the card manufacturing process remains similar to classic PVC,
  • Chloride-free PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and rPETG (Recycled PETG), which contain no harmful chlorine-based chemicals, resulting in faster degradability and almost infinite recyclability. These materials allow a reduction of the carbon footprint of 10% for PETG and 67% for rPETG. With GoGreen PETG and rPETG, the card manufacturing process remains unchanged from traditional cards.

Thanks to these new materials, card manufacturers who use the SPS inductive coupling manufacturing process are in the best position to meet the demands of their customers and offer them cards that will retain the same qualities of reliability, durability and cost-effectiveness as those made from inherited materials while being much more environmentally friendly.

Jean-Baptiste Leos, Marketing Director of Banking Products at SPS said: “We are happy to be ever more in tune with the concerns and demands of the company and, at the same time, to continue to provide the best products to the manufacturers of cards. . With our new GoGreen S-LAM ™ line, we are ensuring that card suppliers can meet all market requirements while retaining the industrial benefits of the SPS inductive coupling process.

SPS’s new recycled and chloride-free materials offer the same set of SPS-specific safety features as other card materials. With these new materials, it is easy to make metallic or non-metallic artwork, non-standard card formats, M2D® (Mark on Module Design) and CAI® (Customized Antenna Image) cards.

The new SPS rPVC, PETG and rPETG products, part of the GoGreen S-LAM â„¢ family, are already available for SPS volume orders.

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