Spectra Announces AtmosAir Solutions As Official Global Air Purification Technology Partner



Emphasizes commitment to healthier and more sustainable indoor spaces

Posted: October 27, 2021, 1:15 p.m. EDT|Update: 51 minutes ago

FAIRFIELD, Connecticut., October 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – AtmosAir Solutions, a leader in indoor air purification solutions, today announced that it has been named the official global air purification technology partner of Spectra, an industry leader in live events and entertainment.


Engagement and collaboration further supports Spectra’s commitment to health and wellness among the 330 leading customers the company manages through North America and the world, including stadiums, arenas, convention centers, performing arts centers, exhibition grounds and casinos.

AtmosAir Solutions’ patented bipolar ionization technology, installed in building HVAC systems, improves well-being by removing airborne and surface microorganisms and pathogens, including viruses , bacteria and mold, and reduces odors as well as unhealthy and irritating volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Technology makes buildings more sustainable while reducing energy and operational costs.

According to AtmosAir Solutions, Microchem Laboratory, one of the world’s leading laboratories for testing sanitation products registered by the EPA and the FDA, has found that its BPI technology reduces the risk of exposure to bacteria, mold, mildew, dust, odors and volatile organic compounds. In a certified controlled laboratory test, AtmosAir’s BPI technology was shown to reduce 229E coronavirus by 99.92% in 30 minutes or less in a confined space.

Spectra has already implemented Atmos Air technology at several sites across the country, including the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia cream; Saint-Charles Congress center in Missouri; and the African American Museum, Hall of State and Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park in Dallas.

“Due to the pandemic, the focus is on cleaning and sanitizing, and we quickly recognized that it was not just about high contact surfaces,” Michael ahearn, said Spectra’s senior vice president of operations. “Air quality and purification is an important part of health and well-being, and we are proud to partner with AtmosAir to incorporate this safety measure for our customers. “

“We are delighted to partner with a leading brand like Spectra,” said Steve levine, President and CEO of AtmosAir Solutions. “They are leaders in professional venue management, and this partnership reinforces their commitment to health, wellness and sustainability at their sports, convention and entertainment venues.”

Clean indoor air quality represents a major step towards transforming spaces into efficient facilities by adopting a sustainable approach to performance while creating healthier, more comfortable and efficient environments.

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Specters is a leader in the accommodation and entertainment industry, partnering with clients to create memorable experiences for millions of visitors each year. Spectra’s unmatched combination of integrated services provides added value to clients through several core areas of expertise: site management, catering and hospitality services and partnerships. Learn more at SpectraExperiences.com. Follow Spectra on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About AtmosAir Solutions
AtmosAir solutions Fairfield, Connecticut is a leader in solutions for cleaner indoor air. The company provides bipolar ionization air purification technologies that actively and continuously work to bring the benefits of improved air quality to all types of built environments. Every day, AtmosAir helps the world see air differently, with solutions that measure, validate and display real-time indoor air quality data, and deliver tangible and ongoing benefits to human health and human life. productivity. AtmosAir technologies are installed in more than 7,500 buildings around the world, including commercial offices, healthcare facilities, hotels, cruise ships, universities and sports facilities. More information can be found at www.atmosair.com

(PRNewsfoto / AtmosAir Solutions)
(PRNewsfoto / AtmosAir Solutions)

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