Podcast Episode 214: Our Craft Beer and Brewing Writers Share Their Personal Best Results of 2021


Whether they’re chatting with brewers, publicans, distributors, scientists, hop growers or other experts to learn all they can for our magazine articles, or whether they’re more focused on tasting and criticizing the latest designs and trends, our contributing writers and editors spend a disproportionate and extravagant amount of time just thinking about beer.

Every now and then, it helps to ask them what they think.

In our Best in Beer 2021 issue, available now, you can find our comprehensive review lists in addition to your Readers’ Choice picks, our 20 Best Beers in 2021 and much more. In this special year-long episode of the podcast, we let our writers share their best beers of the past year, their thoughts on what they liked, plus some more insight into the latest trends and what should follow.



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