Pfeiffer Vacuum offers cloud-based service management



Pfeiffer Vacuum Virtual Service Management allows you to manage vacuum equipment from different manufacturers (courtesy of Pfeiffer Vacuum)

Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH, Asslar, Germany, has introduced a new Virtual Service Management (VSM) web application that can manage vacuum equipment from different manufacturers. The application is integrated into Pfeiffer Vacuum’s new Select & Request portal, allowing interested persons who register on the portal to directly access the new service.

The application allows users to create their own locations, departments and machines, to which the different vacuum components are assigned, allowing easier management of vacuum equipment. The product data and the corresponding operating instructions are stored and made available in the system.

A clear display of organizational units and vacuum components should facilitate planning and documentation (such as service activities, maintenance and repairs) throughout the service life. The dashboard on the start page can be customized and frequently required components can be marked as favorites and, if desired, displayed directly on the dashboard.

Customers can also store additional information, such as maintenance intervals, average uptime, and last service date. This enables the software to organize service and maintenance intervals worldwide and to involve the relevant Pfeiffer Vacuum service center in time.

Pfeiffer says system downtime can be minimized by synchronizing maintenance activities, improving decision making and planning reliability. The creation of a service request is also fast, since the data can be filled in automatically.

Each component of the vacuum is uniquely identified via an identification code and a QR code. The tool offers the possibility of exporting QR codes in several formats (for example for a label printer). With the mobile app (Android and iOS), the QR code can be scanned by smartphones or tablets, providing an instant overview of the most important data (such as article number, user manual or tickets on duty).



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