Michael overall: Tulsa won’t let Bentonville have fun (or all the money) of the mountain biking craze | Local News


“On our way to school, we passed this beautiful strip of land called Lubell Park,” explains Jason Whorton, one of the founders of the Tulsa Bike Club.

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The park included about 20 acres of forested hills.

“We figured that with the topography there we had something that could really lend itself to being a mountain bike trail. “

Working with the city and the school district, the Bike Club used tools to chart a 1.5-mile trail through the park in 2016, Whorton said. And it turned out to be so popular that last year the club received an $ 85,000 grant from the Bernstein Foundation to have the trail professionally rebuilt and extended to 2.5 miles.

The Lubell Park Trail, starting at roughly 2900 West 53rd Street, reopened last month.

“They added berms, smoothed out some areas, widened the spokes in the turns and made it smoother,” says Whorton. “Basically they brought it up to professional standards, but they kept it suitable for people of all skill levels because Tulsa didn’t really have a mountain bike trail for beginners.”

National sales of mountain bikes have increased by more than 150% since 2019, making the sport one of the fastest growing recreational activities in the country, according to recent market research. If Tulsa doesn’t have its own trails, people will take their bikes – and tourist dollars – elsewhere.


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