Lindsay Klee Joins Wayne State University as Leader in Commercialization and Technology Transfer – Today @ Wayne



Lindsay Klee has been appointed Senior Director of Technology Commercialization for Wayne State University Technology Marketing Team in the Office of the Provost.

Klee, founder of Intent, has been providing marketing and operations solutions since 2009, particularly in the areas of regulation and reimbursement, to a wide variety of clients and investors. Previously, she was Acting CEO and Director of Marketing for the University of Michigan Medical Innovation Center and was directly responsible for creating and managing a Concept to Commercialization product development fund for healthcare, medical devices, therapeutic, computer and diagnostic technologies. . Klee has also served as an Associate Director and Advisory Director for nationally recognized technology transfer and innovation groups.

“I want to infuse my positive energy and enthusiasm for commercialization throughout the college community so that people feel inspired to persevere in new ways in their business endeavors,” said Klee. “I also want to increase appropriate resources, such as proactive case management and funding mechanisms that support accelerated gateways to commercialization stages. These are my passions.

Klee joins the team to lead WSU’s technology commercialization office, which is responsible for the identification, protection, commercialization and licensing of intellectual property – for example, patents, unique biological or other materials and certain copyright – developed by faculty, staff and students. The office promotes an entrepreneurial culture and supports start-ups and regional economic development.

“We are very pleased that Lindsay is joining the team as a leader in the commercialization of new technologies. She is extremely well regarded in the Michigan innovation community, ”said Matt Rolling, executive director of the Wayne State Office of Business Innovation. “His experience in bringing new technologies to market will be essential in helping Wayne State faculty translate research into new inventions. “

Born in Texas and raised in Flint, Michigan, Klee began her career in drug discovery working with multidrug-resistant microorganisms at Pfizer Global Research and Development. While the lab pipetting and the scientific process was fascinating, Klee knew she wanted to have a more immediate impact.

“You couldn’t just make the cells grow faster. There are some things you can do to drive growth, but speeding up product development or the process to market was difficult, ”said Klee. “I was interested in how you could accelerate innovation and commercialization. I wanted to take eventual marketable and valuable intellectual property and convert it into products that not only helped people, but could also be bought, sold and have the potential for revenue growth for businesses.

From Pfizer, Klee explored technology transfer, finance, public health, and healthcare management in an academic and professional manner. She then moved to Philadelphia and worked nationwide for clients in the Life Sciences and Healthcare Consulting division of PricewaterhouseCoopers, where she gained experience in mergers and acquisitions, financial transactions , compliance, strategic planning, and key areas of contract and trade negotiation, which was relevant. to the work she continues today. Klee has also consulted with venture capitalists, healthcare institutions, and product manufacturers; served with the Michigan SBDC technical team; is active with MichBio; and worked as part of the Belle Michigan LP general partnership.

“I come to this role on the shoulders of giants in technology transfer, innovation and commercialization who have supported me throughout my career,” said Klee. “And some of them are still working in this region. I am truly thrilled to be a leader in a league of other leaders.



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