Kolkata police arrest 2 people for murder of Jharkhand-based promoter


The Kolkata Police Detective Department has solved the case of the murder of a city real estate agent, who was allegedly found dead with his throat slit in Mihijam, Jharkhand, with the arrest of two people in the city.

Police sources identified the two people arrested in connection with the murder of promoter Md Saif Khan, a resident of Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, as Mohammad Aftab Alam and Nazre Alam. They were arrested in the Ekbalpore region.

A senior officer in the anti-ruckus section of the Kolkata Police Detective Department said based on the information and tracking of the location of the mobile tower of the deceased’s cell phone, officers focused on two suspects and during questioning of the two, according to an officer, admitted to having committed the crime.

According to the officer, they decided to eliminate the promoter following an argument with him over the repayment of a loan the duo allegedly took from him. Police sources said the deceased, in addition to dealing with real estate, also had a habit of lending money.

According to police, the defendants revealed during questioning that they had borrowed Rs 15 lakh from Saif Khan. They still had to repay 4-5 lakhs of Rs, which was due. As the pressure mounted, they plotted to eliminate him.

According to the source, the defendants revealed that they knocked out the promoter with sleeping pills, then put him in the trunk of a car in which they took him to Jharkhand, where they killed him. However, they returned to town on the handlebars of his scooter, on which the victim allegedly left his home.

Khan’s bloodstained body was collected by Mihijam police from a desolate location near bushes in Mihijam, Jharkhand. Meanwhile, his family had filed a missing person’s diary with the New Market police station after he did not return home on Tuesday night. Khan had left that evening around 7 p.m. saying he was going to meet a friend.

A cell phone, the key to his scooter and Rs 5,000 cash were recovered from the body by Mihijam police. The accused had been taken to Jharkhand in pre-trial detention by Mihijam police.

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