Keith Urban shares new song, “Crimson Blue” from his wife Nicole Kidman’s Hulu series “Nine Perfect Strangers”



Keith Urbain shared a brand new song that will appear in his wife’s Hulu series finale.

The country superstar lends her voice to his wife Nicole Kidman’s Hulu series, Nine complete strangers. On Wednesday (September 22) night’s final episode of the popular Hulu series, fans will be able to hear the original Urban song that just released, “Crimson blue. ”

“I’ve never seen the crimson blue sky / Kaleidoscope my eyes shape and tint / I’ve learned to bend light easily / I know there’s more than what I see,” sings Urban on the track gentle. “Am I in a dream or wide awake?” / If I can find the key, will I escape? / Caught between the ledge and letting go / Nothing is like before.

Posted Going through Capitol Records Nashville, “Crimson Blue” was co-written by Urban alongside BRELAND, Sean Small and Sam Sumser.

“We have a song that we’re going to use in the title credits at the end of the last episode. It is an incredible sight. Can’t wait for people to see it because the trip is absolutely amazing, ”Urban previously told Australia Sunrise. “The life of all of these nine people that unfold throughout the show is amazing. I’m really, really happy to be a part of it.

Listen to Urban’s new track below.

To celebrate the release of the just-released track, Urban created a “Crimson Blue” drink in a new music video he shared on Twitter early Monday, September 20 in the morning. The concoction is an imitation of what Kidman’s character Masha creates at the health and wellness center of the hulu series dubbed Tranquillum in the series.

The clip, shared by Urban, finds the country hitmaker teaching viewers how to make the Weird Smoothie, a recipe that included blue milk from “a very sad cow”, fresh blueberries, a “micro amount” of blue cheese and ” special Tranquility bananas.

Kidman also made an appearance in the clip for just under a minute, appearing in a white dress on the side with a red liquid dropper, which she added to the blender by telling Urban “Relax.” .

The Australian-American singer then mixed the drink and poured it into a glass, saying, “It’s beautiful. This is our Crimson Blue smoothie in honor of Crimson Blue. He later added that the new song is “streaming now”.

Nine Perfect Strangers concludes with its eighth and final episode, which airs Wednesday, September 22 on Hulu.



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