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Desmarais pursues his passion for humanitarian work in Gabon, Africa.

“People yearn to redeem their lives. You want to spend more time with your family, you want to follow your passions and make a difference in the world. No one takes classes to learn how to work longer hours.”

Advisorist®, a marketing leader in the financial services and insurance industry, climbed the INC 5000 in 2022 with 297% growth over the past three years.

The company provides cross-platform training and resources for insurance and financial services professionals to use the best modern marketing techniques to improve not only their businesses, but their lives as well.

CEO and Founder Jeremiah Desmarais’ goal is to help his clients get their lives back by doubling their revenue through marketing and lead conversion while taking 100 or more days off every year. It’s a philosophy that Desmarais not only preaches but lives by, traveling the world doing relief work around the world while running multiple businesses.

“People yearn to redeem their lives,” said Desmarais, speaking from the Andes in Ecuador, where he organized health care aid for Haitian volunteers and helped local families heal economically and emotionally after the pandemic has hit the country particularly hard. want to spend more time with your family, want to follow your passions and make a difference in the world. No one takes a course to learn how to work more hours.”

Demarais, best-selling author of “SHIFT: Digital Marketing Secrets of Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors,” and his wife, Anaïse, are looking for unique opportunities where they can see the impact of their work.

“It’s so much more rewarding to see the smiles on the faces of the kids you’ve helped than getting a tax deduction,” he said. “My journey began when I struggled with depression as a teenager. To help me out, my parents made me spend time with older and younger kids who needed support. a friend. It took me away from my problems and put me on the path that I am still on today.

Demarais and his wife recently worked with three tribal communities in Gabon to do a census to see how many spoke the language to determine what kind of help is needed. Another project in Haiti provides micro-loans and mentorship to a young entrepreneur who employs 25 people.

Demarais also considers his marketing and education programs life-enhancing, referencing a client who cried about how much his financial planning practice had improved his life. After taking just two Advisorist courses, he’s on track to earn over $1 million this year working a day and a half a week.

Desmarais, a TEDx and international speaker, has been a recognized thought leader in marketing since founding Advisorist in 2016, but the pandemic has shifted many of his strategies from best practice to necessity.

In his webinars and podcasts, Desmarais and his team of coaches offer practical and thoughtful training topics such as: how to use psychology and insights into modern shopping habits to position yourself as a go-to choice; how to use leadership in the financial selling process that builds trust; the role omnichannel communication plays in creating value for investors and how LinkedIn’s sales solutions can help you build and maintain better relationships.

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