Devnagri – India’s First AI-Based Translation Engine as Linguistic Partner at Assochom Fintech Festival India


Assochom Fintech Festival India 2022, one of the finest and greatest unlimited networking greetings, involving new tech ideas, was held from 8th to 10th June 2022 at Le Meridian Hotel, New Delhi with its Fintech Conference , comprising a total of 10 micro hybrid series of experiments.

With over 22 regional languages ​​and 1200 dialects, Devnagri is Fintech’s language partner. Devnagri is India’s first AI-based translation engine, a platform that combines AI and human-assisted translation with machine learning for brands and individuals to translate their content instantly with more accurate contextual results in various Indian languages.

Founders of Devnagri, Nakul Kundra and Himanshu Sharma, talented individuals also introduced Devnagri On Shark Tank India, with the vision to ensure that the content is easily accessible to everyone by overcoming all language barriers. Mr. Arpit Sharma, Vice President, BFSI, being the keynote speaker at the Fintech Festival on behalf of Devnagri, said, “Devnagri’s mission to make content and information accessible to Indian citizens belonging to different parts of the country by making them more connected has helped to create and extend wide reach to BFSI, OTT and other such industries.” Mr. Neeraj Parekh, Business Manager, BFSI, Devnagri said that “the international festival of Assochom’s fintech has set the pace for financial innovation in India and that Devnagri Al is committed to helping financial institutes and fintechs.” Following this, Mr. Jaspreet Oberoi, Head of Engineering, Devnagri also shared “With 1% of content on the internet available in Indian languages, it takes a lot of investment of time and effort to improve customer experience and with Devnagri’s suite of products offering content localization helping e company in a transparent way”. Devnagri realizes the vision and mission of placing Indian languages ​​on a pedestal.

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