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PULWAMA: District Development Commissioner (DDC) Pulwama, Baseer-ul-Haq Choudhary today called the district level review committee meeting here.

During the meeting, detailed discussions were held on banks’ CD ratios, identification of beneficiaries, credit flows, assistance under government sponsored programs, performance of banks under of the District Credit Plan (DCP), the achievements made during the said quarter, the monitoring of Credit Plus initiatives and activities.

It was reported that in the agriculture sector, banks disbursed an amount of Rs 207 crore and disbursed a total of 425 crore in priority and non-priority sectors.

Under the small and micro medium enterprises, the banks recorded a deployment of Rs 80 crores. While in the education sector, 1 crore of rupees was disbursed.

The SDC urged bankers to make additional efforts to increase the CD ratio by focusing on potential areas and insisted on better coordination between banks and ministries to bring about an improvement in the CD ratio.

He called for ensuring balanced loans in all key sectors to promote equitable growth and also insisted on the leaders of financial institutions to educate the masses about the social protection schemes they sponsor so that people can benefit from them. socio-economic development. .

The DDC praised the role of the agriculture and horticulture sectors in the creation of autonomous and sustainable jobs in the district.

He emphasized priority sector loans with particular emphasis on education, women’s development and sectors allied to agriculture and asked relevant officials to organize financial education camps in each block. houses in the district and insisted on bankers and relevant agents to adopt a pro-public approach and work in coordination to achieve good results at the local level.

The SDC ordered the Tehsildars to organize special camps for the verification of land titles so that KCC loans are sanctioned without hindrance.

Banks have also been urged to organize outreach programs in upper secondary schools and colleges so that attractive applicants can qualify for student loans to continue their education.

He also urged banks and other relevant agencies to provide hassle-free sanctions and loan disbursements under various programs to people, especially unemployed youth.

He asked the sponsoring agencies to support as much as possible the MSME credit enhancement cases in the district, in addition to asking the sponsoring agencies to ensure that beneficiaries who receive the benefits of the self-employment programs. actually manage the assets.

The meeting was attended by the District Head, JK Bank Group Head, NABARD, representatives from various banks, district coordinators, district heads from various government departments and sponsoring agencies.

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