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Lorie K. Logan
President and CEO
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
.…on the importance of innovation in crisis management, via the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

Here is "who said what" in Dallas innovates every day.last May, Logan was named the 14th President and CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. In a virtual town hall, she answered questions about her background and priorities for the district she oversees, which includes Texas, northern Louisiana and southern New Mexico.

A Publish by the Dallas Fed captured some of Logan’s comments, including his work for the Federal Reserve during 9/11 and the Great Recession of 2007-2009.

In the event of a crisis, she noted, it is essential that the central bank “communicate clearly that it is open for business and available to provide liquidity to financial markets.”

“Another lesson I have learned from my crisis management experience is the importance of innovation; no two crises are the same and economic and financial conditions change over time,” Logan said.

When moving to Texas

“There were a number of things that really excited me about leading the Dallas Fed – the overall size and diversity of the region’s economy and its influence on the nation as a whole,” Logan said. “This district has a very vibrant economy and the communities within it are vital contributors to the economy of the country as a whole.”

“I want to build on the work we are already doing to serve the community and leverage the district to provide services to the Federal Reserve System more broadly,” she added.

On the fight against inflation

“Reducing inflation is our most urgent task as it is causing hardship for businesses and households around the world,” she added. “As President of the Dallas Fed and as a Fed policymaker, [I believe] our number one priority must be to restore price stability.

How technology is changing the financial sector

“I have focused on technological innovation in the financial sector and, over the past few years, how this innovation is changing financial services and expanding inclusion to a broader set of people. [people] in our country,” Logan said. “Understanding what drives investment, innovation and technology here in the Eleventh District will be another key area for me, one that I’m excited to learn more about.”

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