Creatd Inc (OTCMKTS: CRTD) Nasdaq Short Squeeze Rockets Recently Delisted Northbound on Message Boards


Creatd Inc (OTCMKTS:CRTD) is another short squeeze that has rocketed up the charts in recent weeks, rising from a starting point well below a penny in September to recent highs of nearly $1 per share. The same groups responsible for short squeezes FNGR and GTII are also involved in CRTD, including partners Kramers and Lind. CRTD is also a former Nasdaq company that regularly traded above $10 per share and soared to over $20 per share in the big board’s recent landing on the OTCQB after being delisted Sept. 3 for not having met the minimum bid requirements. Currently trading at a market valuation below $25 million and reporting fully to the OTCQB with significant growing earnings, CRTD looks attractive with just 24.5 million shares outstanding. Microcapdaily first talked about CRTD in our article on October 16 when CRTD was about $0.20 per share.

Recently, the company announced that it plans to divest its media archives, intellectual property and other assets, including its NFT library and Web 3.0 business division, into a separately traded OTCQB stock. The OG Collection features published and unpublished content surrounding milestone events with an attached value of nearly $10 million. The company recently rolled out Vocal’s new Android app, which follows the successful introduction of the Vocal mobile app on iOS in Q3 2022. Vocal’s mobile app, which is now available on App Apple Store and the Google Play Store. They also brought investment banker Peter Majar to its board and chair of the board’s compensation and audit committees, as well as lending his deep expertise in management consulting to the C-Suite and the Company’s Board of Directors.

Creatd Inc (OTCMKTS: CRTD) is a company whose mission is to provide economic opportunities to creators and brands by multiplying the impact of platforms, people and technology. The Company operates four main business segments, or “pillars”: Creatd Labs, Creatd Partners, Creatd Ventures and Creatd Studios. Together, the pillars of Creatd work together to create a flying effect, supporting the company’s core vision of creating a viable ecosystem for all players in the creator economy.

Vocal was designed to serve as a foundation for digital creators. This robust proprietary technology platform that provides best-in-class tools, secure and curated communities, and monetization opportunities that enable creators to find a receptive audience and be rewarded. Creators of all types call Vocal home, from bloggers to podcasters, creators, musicians, photographers, and more.

Since its initial launch in 2016, Vocal has become one of the fastest growing communities for content creators of all shapes and sizes. Creators can choose to use Vocal for free or upgrade to Vocal+. By subscribing to Vocal, either as a freemium or premium member, creators can immediately begin accessing the many monetization opportunities that Vocal facilitates. Specifically, Vocal Creators can earn money i) every time their story is read, ii) participating in challenges, iii) receiving bonuses, iv) collaborating on branded content campaigns through the The company’s internal agency, Vocal for Brands, v) through “Subscribe”, which allows creators to receive payment directly from their audience through monthly subscriptions and one-time microtransactions. vi) through the Vocal Ambassador program, which allows creators to receive additional rewards each time they refer a new Vocal+ member.

Creatd also recently released the beta version of its social stock trading app, Orbit, to the public. Creatd, inc. purchased a controlling interest in Orbit, LLC. last summer. The company expects to release further updates to the social stock trading app along with full public access during the fourth quarter and expects to begin monetizing the app during the second quarter of 2023. with a suite of premium features.

In September, the company released its investor brief to spin off its media archive, intellectual property and other assets, including its NFT library and Web 3.0 business division, into a separately traded OTCQB stock. . The OG Collection features published and unpublished content surrounding the landmark events and famous personalities of the 20th century, offering a unique view into the cultural zeitgeist of yesterday and today. An Artwork Authentication and Appraisal (conducted in 2016), focusing on the value of the photographs and artworks in the collection, set a value of nearly $10 million. The Company is subject to an updated assessment by experts in the field with a view to preparing the Spinoff. A strong community of enthusiasts, collectors, archivists and others has nurtured the intellectual and commercial value of the OG collection for the past eight years. After successfully conducting over 100 auctions, OG Collection has built a powerful first-party database that helps drive asset values ​​even higher.

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In October, the company rolled out Vocal’s new Android app, which follows the successful introduction of the Vocal mobile app on iOS in Q3 2022. Vocal’s mobile app, which is now available on the ‘Apple’s App Store, and the Google Play Store, is designed for audiences to interact more effectively with the content and creators they know and love. By using the app, creators will get access to new premium Vocal+ resources and exclusive app-only features like Vocal Coins, an in-app payment system. Additionally, the app leverages Vocal’s existing “Subscribe” capabilities to optimize in-app content discovery and curation as well as personalization, which together drive a premium and elevated reading experience. . Users can download the Vocal app for Android from the Google Play Store, here.

On November 3, Creatd announced the appointment of Peter Majar to its board of directors. Mr. Majar will serve as Chair of the Compensation and Audit Committees of the Board of Directors, and bring his extensive management consulting expertise to C-Suite and the Company’s Board of Directors.

Majar’s experience as an investment banker, advisor and entrepreneur focused on the intersection of high technology and financial services spans over 25 years, with roles at Credit Suisse First Boston within the group in investment banking and fintech and diversified financial services at Piper Sandler. Majar holds an MBA from Columbia University and a BSBA from the University of Washington, where he currently serves on the advisory board of the University’s Foster School of Business. Mr. Majar has focused his relationships in the financial and business services industry, having played a key role in transactions such as Blackstone-Paysafe, Great Ajax, Instinet and the acquisition of the Executive Chairman’s proprietary trade execution firm and CEO Jeremy Frommer, Carlin Financial, by Royal Bank of Canada.

Creatd Executive Chairman and CEO Jeremy Frommer said, “I have known Pete personally for 15 years. I am extremely confident in his ability to raise the profile of the Company operationally and add value in an ideal environment for the acquisition of distressed assets and the creation of structured finance products. I look forward to working with him on the spin-off and distribution of shares of our OG media library and web 3.0 assets to new and current shareholders of a newly listed OTC entity.

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Currently trading at a market valuation of $20 million CRTD is an SEC filer with $1.5 million in the Treasury and $10 million in assets versus $11 million in liabilities. The company has rapidly growing revenues of $1,625,901 for the 3 months ended June 30, 2022, compared to $970,000 for the same period last year. CRTD was recently delisted from NASDAQ after the stock fell below $1 and failed to recover. After falling for most of August, the stock dropped dramatically in September when the company appeared on message boards. Many experienced penny stock speculators would say that CRTD looks significantly oversold by any measure at current levels and given that it was trading over $10 per share this is a former big board that deserves to be on trader watch lists. As noted, many of these large boards make significant moves once on the OTC. The CRTD is a short squeeze involving the same groups responsible for the FNGR and GTII short squeezes, including the Kramers and Lind Partners. is a very rapidly growing field. We’ll update CRTD when more details emerge, so make sure you’re subscribed to Microcapdaily.

Disclosure: We do not hold any positions in CRTD, long or short, and we have not been compensated for this article.


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