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Several complainants broke down during Friday’s event

Rajkot: City police received up to 96 harassment requests from loan sharks on Friday, with majority of victims borrowed money due to severe financial crisis caused by induced lockdown by Covid and the pandemic.
The police had organized an awareness program to educate people against borrowing money from unauthorized lenders who charge exorbitant interest rates.
Emotional scenes were also seen as women broke down as they recounted their ordeal of daily harassment by money lenders.
Speaking to TOI, Deputy Police Commissioner (DCP) Manoharsinh Jadeja said: “We have come across many instances where people have borrowed money due to the financial crisis during the Covid period. We have received 96 requests on which we have recorded an offense and others will be registered with the relevant police stations after preliminary investigation and collection of evidence. ”
An offense was recorded at Pradyumannagar Police Station by Jayant Panchasra against Dilipsinh Gohil and his son Narendrasinh. According to the complaint, Panchsara had borrowed Rs 70,000 in various amounts over the past three years and repaid Rs 35,000. However, the accused allegedly beat him near Astron Chowk a few days ago and demanded 70,000 from him. rupees. They even threatened to confiscate his two-wheeler and in doing so, they forced Panchasara to pay Rs 12,000 on the spot.
Speaking to reporters, Kanchan Solanki, an old woman, said her son had borrowed five lakh Rs and the family had been paying interest for nine years. They paid Rs 13 lakh but the lenders demand Rs 10 lakh more. Solanki said her son earns 50,000 rupees a month but gives 100 rupees a day to support a family of nine, while the rest of the salary is used to pay interest.
The police refused to disclose the content of the requests received, expressing fear that the accused would be alerted. The applicants also feared that they would be harassed by money lenders if they learned that they had contacted the police.
“It is an offense to lend money without a license, but by earning high interest, more and more offenses are committed. It was our attempt to educate people to borrow money from financial institutions or approved lenders, ”Jadeja said.
According to sources, Rajkot police have recorded more than 100 offenses against unregistered pawn shops in the past three years.




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