Containers and Kubernetes in Edge Settings, with SUSE


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This podcast is produced in collaboration with SUSE
In this episode of the Tech Means Business podcast, we take a look at the edge and really take a look at how it is best defined and used by organizations. Edge computing environments are often characterized by the prevalence of IoT or IIoT devices, so any discussion of the edge usually involves talking about deploying applications on smaller, less powerful hardware.

This makes Edge the perfect place for containerized microservices – containers are quick to deploy and lightweight, so if DevOps is to take advantage of Edge’s capabilities, this is where people need to focus.

Our guest is Vishal Ghariwala, CTO for APJ and Greater China, SUSE, who takes us through the cutting edge IT landscape, explains the issues and explains how SUSE’s dedicated Edge technologies such as K3, Rancher and SLE Micro can be leveraged. the best. effect. If you’ve ever wondered how to best develop, deploy, maintain, and manage container-based applications and services in edge settings, this podcast has the answers you need.

And while we may think of ‘heavy industry’ like manufacturing, for example, whenever IIoT is mentioned, Vishal also talks about other verticals using these types of technologies to deploy agile applications and how any deployment will fit into the existing structures of the company as a whole.

Less practical, but much more glamorous, we also learn that SUSE’s container technology is used by satellite batteries: it’s SUSE in space!

Learn more about SUSE Edge, SLE Micro, K3s, and Rancher.

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