Circular Cities Asia Launches Flagship Innovation Program for Asia-Pacific Universities


Moves its headquarters from Singapore to Auckland to accelerate circular economy innovation in the Pacific.

Circular Cities Asia (“CCA”), an open innovation platform aimed at promoting the urban circular economy in Asia-Pacific, has moved its headquarters to Auckland. The platform also announced the second edition of its flagship innovation program, Circular Campus, following the success of the inaugural edition.

First launched in Singapore by Suzanna Pomeroy and Shiva Susarla, a member of the prestigious Edmund Hillary Fellowship Programme, this relocation represents a natural progression of their efforts to build an impact-driven organization that contributes positively to the looming issues of climate change. , dwindling finite resources, pollution and waste.

The Circular Campus program invites teams of students from universities in Asia-Pacific to propose solutions that can make their university campuses circular. CCA then works closely with the teams to incubate the ideas and turn them into real startups.

University campuses are not only microcosms of large cities, but also flagships of innovation and new ways of doing things.said Suzanna Pomeroy, co-founder and director of CCA and a returning New Zealander who draws on her experiences in leadership development, impact and diversity work in Singapore and elsewhere.

At CCA, we believe that innovation is the way to accelerate the circular economy and the Circular Campus program recognizes the importance that academic institutions play in this acceleration and incubation of promising ideas.”.

The program’s first offering included 10 universities in 8 Asia-Pacific countries.

The circular economy is perhaps the most feasible development paradigm that could help us tackle climate change and issues related to waste and pollution“, said Shiva Susarla, fellow of the prestigious Edmund Hillary Fellowship Program and founder of RENERGII and CCA.

Our ultimate goal is to build a bottom-up innovation movement to redesign and re-imagine every linear business model as a sustainable circular business product or solution.“, added Shiva.

What’s the next step in the circular economy innovation journey, and how can you be part of it?

CCA plans to host two more cohorts of the Circular Campus program in 2022. The team is committed to developing and supporting partnerships between young innovators, universities, local governments and industry organizations.

To partner with the CCA or to enroll your university in the program, contact Suzanna Pomeroy at [email protected] or visit

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