Capital Trust Announces Approximately INR 280 Million PTC Transaction With U GRO Capital Limited



NEW DELHI, August 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Capital Trust Limited (Capital Trust), a digital non-bank finance (NBFC) company specializing in providing loans to income-generating microenterprises in Tier 3 to 5 regions, announced today hui its entry in PTC (Pass Through Certificates) with U GRO Capital Limited, a technology-driven small business lending platform.

This is the first time that U GRO Capital and Capital Trust have come together for a PTC transaction of approximately 280 million INR, with amortization of the pool duration of 20 months. The instrument is rated BBB + by ICRA Limited. The combination will allow Capital Trust to improve its liquidity and build a strong capital base. The loans underlying the pool will have monthly installments with an initial maturity of up to 3 years. Thanks to this merger, Capital Trust will be able to expand its credit portfolio of income-generating micro-loans with india underserved population.

Commenting on this evolution, Sir. Yogen Khosla, Chairman and CEO of Capital Trust Limited, said: This transaction is in line with Capital Trust’s light on-balance sheet business growth model and will help the company expand its loan portfolio at a faster pace without additional burdens on the company’s books. The arrangement will allow Capital Trust to expand its digital lending footprint to Tier 3 through 5 regions, primarily in North India. The company will continue to enter into such short-term mergers, which will help build a strong capital base with high liquidity. ”

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Capital Trust Limited (BSE: 511505) (NSE: CAPTRUST), a non-bank finance company registered with the RBI (NBFC), offers income-generating micro-loans to MSMEs. Fusing best practices from fintech and traditional finance, the company focuses on the financial inclusion of underserved people in the deep interiors of rural areas. India using digital processes and advanced technology. A son March 31, 2021, Capital trust treaty to more than 150,000 customers in 63 districts through 229 branches in 10 rural states India. The company prides itself on being india first “Rural Doorstep-Fintech” company. For more information visit

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