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BENGALURU: Bengaluru City Police launched a crackdown on notorious thugs across the city overnight Friday and Saturday.
In a surprise raid and search operation, police teams from the eight divisions led by the respective division heads carried out raids and search operations on thug homes across Bengaluru.
So far, these teams have searched as many as 800 homes and around 400 thugs have been arrested for questioning. Raids and interrogations will continue until the afternoon, police said.
During these raids, several deadly weapons – daggers, knives, swords and machetes were seized in addition to recovering a huge cache of documents relating to their illegal activities.
“The bandits are being questioned and they would be detained under the strict Goonda Law or the Karnataka Organized Crime Control Law (KCOCA) if necessary,” a senior official who is part of the raid told IANS. the central division.
“We are also checking the documents seized, and cases concerning some of them will be referred to the income tax service or the Directorate of Enforcement,” he added.
The raid and search operations began at 11 p.m. Friday and are still continuing. As part of the operations, the thugs were taken to the respective police stations where senior officers gave them a stern warning.
“Most of the thugs lend money to the public at outrageous interest rates and get their property documents as collateral. All of these documents are being verified and the landowners will be summoned for investigation if necessary,” said at IANS a senior police officer from another division.


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