Bank supervisor stole $ 628,000 from a branch in an attempt to borrow $ 25,000 from a bogus pawnshop 25 times the amount she hoped to borrow


Singapore – A woman worked for a bank for almost 20 years and became a supervisor at PT Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), earning $ 4,200 per month.

But then she got into debt and her debt kept getting deeper.

Her credit card spending, loans from approved lenders, and a business loan continued to add up until at one point she owed more than $ 83,000 – nearly 20 times her income. monthly pay.

And then it only got worse. Nurashikeen Sinin, then 37, was so desperate to find money that she looked for a pawnshop online, hoping to solve her problem.

But in reality, the “money lender” was a con artist, who must have thought that this woman was the proverbial pot of gold.

The scammer told her on October 12, 2020 that she first had to pay an “administration fee” of $ 2,500 to get her $ 25,000 “loan” approved. She paid the amount but the amount she was looking to borrow was not returned to her

Nine days later, on October 21, the “lender” asked for an additional $ 2,500 as a “guarantee fee” plus an additional $ 5,000 to “secure” the loan. She paid but never got the “loan”.

It was then that Nurashikeen started stealing from the City Plaza branch in Geylang where she worked. It offers its clients money transfer service to Indonesia, according to a report by TODAY.

Taking the money was very easy for her as she supervised the bank tellers and they gave her money to put in the bank safe. It was part of his job to count the money in the safe each day and prepare balance sheets for the day. His duties also required him to transfer excess cash at his discretion to BNI’s main branch. It was something she had the discretion to decide.

At first, she stole $ 5,400 to give it to the scammer, who then demanded even more “fees” to secure her “loan.” The scammer told him that all that money would be returned to him with the loan.

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In total, Nurashikeen stole some $ 628,000 from BNI as it sank deeper and deeper into the clutches of the bogus pawnshop.

She was sentenced Wednesday, January 5 to four years in prison after pleading guilty to one count of breach of trust as a domestic worker. Another count of falsifying documents was taken into account in his conviction.

Nurashikeen ended up paying $ 735,000 IN ALL to the bogus pawnshop, 25 times the amount she had originally hoped to borrow.

It has become a model. She would steal money from the branch and would hand the money to the scammer. This lasted until November 12, 2020, when she took at least $ 628,000. She would falsify the bank’s daily cash balance sheets to hide her embezzlement.

“In view of the money she had invested in the alleged loan application, her growing desperation and mistaken belief that the money would be returned to her, the accused continued to embezzle money from the ( Bank) ” said Deputy Attorney General Benjamin Samynathan.

A lot of people can find this hard to believe. She never got the loan she requested from the bogus pawnshop. But during those few weeks, Nurashikeen ended up transferring $ 735,000 to the bogus lender from her savings of $ 97,750 plus the amount she stole from the bank.

On November 13, 2020, she confessed to BNI’s customer service manager. The bank had been notified of the theft and sent customer service to check and count the money.

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The very next day, Nurashikeen was fired, and on November 20, she filed a police report against the scammer.

The bank failed to recover the money from the scammer or Nurashikeen, who is now an undischarged bankrupt, Yahoo! Singapore Reports. / TISG

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