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BEDFORD, Mass., Jan. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Access Vascular, Inc. (AVI), a company that addresses the most common and costly complications of vascular access, today announced that it has been appointed winner of the BIG Innovation 2022 Prize awarded by the Business Intelligence Group.

The revolutionary new biomaterial-based AVI catheters have been recognized for their ability to almost eliminate the common and costly complications that affect approximately 30% of all patients hospitalized with traditional polyurethane catheters inserted. This transformational technology has the potential to reshape the field of vascular access and value-based care in general.

“This honor is a tremendous validation of the hard work and commitment of our entire team as well as the role biomaterials can play in medical technology and medicine more broadly,” said James Biggins, CEO of Access Vascular, Inc. “Recognizes AVI’s critical role in helping improve the efficiency of vascular access procedures on behalf of patients, clinicians and healthcare systems around the world, by accelerating treatment time and eliminating common complications that have caused unnecessary pain and expense for far too long.

The majority of hospitalized patients receive a vascular access device, and more than 30% of them will experience some type of complication, including a thrombus or infection. One of the root causes of this phenomenon is the use of polyurethane materials for the design and production of traditional catheters, which trigger the body’s defense mechanisms. AVI takes a fundamentally different approach, having developed a new biomaterial that does not trigger the cascade of defense mechanisms.

Transformational in design, AVI’s hydrophilic catheters mimic the body’s chemistry to evade its natural defenses and nearly eliminate the most common and costly complications for better medical and economic outcomes. Two recent studies on the HydroPICC® and HydroMID® devices demonstrated a significant reduction in complications such as occlusions, replacements, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and phlebitis compared to traditional catheters with up to 100% reduction for some of these complications.

The BIG Innovation Awards recognize organizations, products and people who bring new ideas to life in innovative ways. Organizations from around the world have submitted their recent innovations for review as part of this annual business awards program. The nominations were then judged by a select group of business leaders and executives who volunteered their time and expertise to score the submissions.

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About Access Vascular
Access Vascular was founded to treat the most common and costly complications of intravenous therapy: infection, thrombosis and phlebitis. Taking a fundamentally different approach to thrombus reduction, the company manufactures intravenous catheters from a hydrophilic material that retains significant amounts of water. Designed to mimic the body’s natural chemistry, Access Vascular Catheters are designed to avoid the foreign body response and the complications that accompany it. Our award-winning and FDA approved products are HydroPICC® and HydroMID®. For more information, please visit

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