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Globally, the commercial drone market will reach US$41.3 billion by 2026, with drones in energy representing the largest market (US$6 billion).

The Drones in Energy Industry report provides unique insight, analysis, and case studies on how drones are being used in the energy industry and their market potential.

This comprehensive 92-page report on drone applications covers the largest industry vertical for the global drone market (based on an adjusted North American Industry Classification (NAICS) system). Today, drones are already used around the world to perform oil rig and power line inspections, gas emissions monitoring, methane detection and dozens of other applications. These energy drones optimize processes for oil and gas, power, sewage systems, and other vital utilities and infrastructure.

Our report delves into the various applications of drones in the energy industry, including specific subsectors and application methods. These are followed by specific case studies of drones in energy, where the companies provide the description of the problem, the solution of the drone, the operational characteristics of the technology used, the date and the place.

After taking a close look at these applications, the report develops the macro perspective. Globally, drones in energy represent the largest market for drone applications. We provide data on the current market along with a forecast of its growth till 2026. Additionally, the chapter provides these figures for the major global drone markets including CAGR projections.

In addition to the micro and macro perspectives, the report also includes the top 20 remote sensing companies as well as the top 20 commercial drone manufacturers and the top 20 dual-use drone manufacturers. All of these rankings are followed by company profiles of the top 5 companies in each ranking that use their drones in energy-related activities.

Finally, chapters are devoted to drone regulations and emerging technologies. The chapter on regulations introduces drone regulations and the approval process for various operational scenarios. Meanwhile, the Emerging Technologies chapter covers various new technologies that may soon impact drones in the energy industry.

key ideas

  • Drones are used by the energy industry to perform inspections, mapping, surveying, location and other activities

  • Some of the subsectors benefiting the most include oil and gas extraction, oil and gas distribution, power generation, and more.

  • 92-page report with sample drone applications, global market data, forecasts and company rankings for the energy sector

  • Chapter on applications of drones in energy, including major industry sectors, application methods, typical results, and technology stack

  • 6 Case studies of companies around the world using drones, including problem and solution description, technology used and operational characteristics

  • Drones in Energy Market data broken down by region, major countries and forecast, including CAGR to 2026

  • Rankings of the best remote sensing manufacturers, commercial manufacturers and dual-use drone manufacturers, including the profile of the top 5 companies using drones in energy

  • Chapters dedicated to drone regulations and emerging technologies

Main topics covered:

1. Introduction

1.1 Drones: what are drones and what can they do?

1.2 Drone Configurations/Designs

1.3 Major Segments of Drone Ecosystem

1.4 Commercial Drones Market by Industry

1.5 Categories and application methods of drones

1.6 Drones Market Dynamics

2 Drones in Energy – Applications

2.1 Drones in energy

2.2.1 Case Study – Power Line Inspection

2.2.2 Case study – Monitoring of photovoltaic installations

2.2.3 Case Study – Flare Inspection

2.2.4 Case Study – Investigation of Pumped Storage Hydropower Plants

2.2.5 Case Study – Wind Turbine Inspection

3 drones in energy – Market data

3.1 Drones in energy

3.2 Drones in Energy Market Size by Regions

3.3 Drones in Energy Market Size by Countries

3.4 Drones in Energy Market Size by Countries (Table)

4 rankings of the best companies

4.1 Drone Service Providers – Remote Sensing

4.1.1 Top 20 Remote Sensing Vendors

4.1.2 Top 10 Energy Related Company Profiles

4.2 Commercial Drone Manufacturers

4.2.1 Top 20 Commercial Drone Manufacturers

4.2.2 Top 5 Energy Related Company Profiles

4.3 Manufacturers of Dual-Use Drones

4.3.1 Top 20 Dual-Use Drones Manufacturers

4.3.2 Top 5 Energy Related Company Profiles

5 Commercial Drone Regulations

5.1 What are drone regulations?

5.2 Why is drone regulation important?

5.3 a brief history of drone regulations

5.4 How Bvlos works and its leverage

5.5 Operational Scenarios and Approval Process

5.6 Drone Technology Trends Impacting Regulation

5.7 Key challenges in drone regulation

6 emerging technologies

6.1 Presentation

6.2 5G technology

6.3 Automated base stations (Drone-In-A-Box solutions)

6.4 Blockchain

6.5 Computer Vision

6.6 Fog Computing

6.7 IoT – the Internet of Things

Appendix: Industry Definitions

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