Unsecured Loans (100% Online Loan)

Loans or in the Civil Code are referred to as loans are loans of money, money or goods usually accompanied by collateral. In debt owed there are 2 parties called debtors and creditors. Creditors which means the owner of the funds, and the debtor is the one who owes. If you have only known, debt guaranteed but there are also unsecured loans. This loan has been provided quite a lot in Indonesia, in Indonesia itself has started to bloom lending institutions like this. This lending institution may be very lively because it provides quite a lot of profits because the interest that can be applied is quite large. But behind the big profits, the risk of loss is also quite large, which is a substandard refund because there is no guarantee of payment.

Who doesn’t want to get unsecured loan money, many banks now offer unsecured money loans and lure money loans without guaranteed fast processing. Only need to issue your identity and credit card. Interest offered is relatively the same as a loan with a guarantee and the process is not too long, the size of the loan nominal depends on how much the limit on the credit card you have. The repayment period can also be synchronized with your ability to pay it. Loans without the use of guarantees are usually offered by telephone on the condition that the prospective borrower without a record from the bank with the meaning of the word is not backed up by Bank Indonesia. In addition, lately also several banks are willing to provide loans with online systems, just like other non-loan systems, online unsecured money loans also provide convenience for some customers in the process of borrowing capital.

Loans without collateral usually start with the lowest level ranging from 2 million to hundreds of millions, loans without collateral are those that use surveys, there are also no surveys, but more without using surveys and only tele marketing offers and within 2 to 3 days the funds that you will borrow will enter the account you have, the installments will start the following month. Loans without collateral are now offered online through the advertisements of internet advertisements and how to get a loan is relatively easy and the process is not complicated. This convoluted way is not without reason, because this unsecured loan is not only based on mutual trust between creditors and debtors. This principle of trust is sometimes very risky if the debtor cannot pay, it is feared that the creditor will lose money.

Unsecured loan creditor

Unsecured loan creditor

Usually this unsecured loan creditor provides a loan with very high interest, with high interest, this is also a substitute for collateral if the debtor cannot pay this loan. This guarantee is usually the main thing in making a debt, before you owe or borrow, you will certainly be asked about the amount and the collateral. The amount of collateral is usually based on the amount of the loan you borrow. Of course if you do not think about the amount of interest that must be paid, this unsecured debt is certainly very profitable because you are not afraid of the amount of collateral. But if you are afraid to play flowers or pay interest that is so large, you should never borrow from a creditor who applies this.

If you want to be the creditor of this unsecured loan provider, you can directly register the license for the establishment of this loan provider to the national trade agency. Then after registering, you will then get a loan from the bank as a funder to lend to the debtors. However, you must understand the great risk that if the loan you lend is not returned by the debtor, usually the biggest risk of this type of loan is this because the debtor does not feel he has a burden to pay and has no sense of responsibility to pay the debt. This unsecured debt is feared again when placing interest that is too high, this triggers the suspicion of the funding bank if it gives a very large interest to be lent to its debtors.

Loans without sharia guarantees

Loans without sharia guarantees

This unsecured loan is also regulated in Islamic Shari’a, in Islamic Shari’a you can borrow money or goods without collateral. This guarantee will usually be replaced with something worth the borrowed goods or money. In this case, actually in Islamic law which is not justified is the amount of interest. Because it is considered usury, and the sin of usury is really great, therefore it is not justified by interest. When the debtor does not undergo his payment obligations, the creditor can withdraw the collateral promised at the beginning of the contract. If it violates this contract, the debtor can be billed by the creditor.

Usually in a contract in a debt agreement without Jamainan these are the two legitimate witnesses to witness this debt agreement. The most crucial thing is regarding the letter of proof of debt and the things that must be agreed on in the deed of this agreement. This unsecured loan is also known as an unsecured contract. Elimination of collateral is usually mentioned at the beginning of the contract. But even though it is unsecured, this contract remains legal because collateral is not a legal requirement for a contract. Zonirto, is one of the online credit sites that can provide online loans without collateral and credit cards.

The advantages that Zonirto has as an online credit site compared to other credit bureaus are:

  • Requirements needed are not too many and complicated
  • Does not require any guarantees that burden the debtor
  • The submission process is done quickly and quite easily
  • The ease of payment processes is carried out and can be repaid in accordance with the agreement
  • The interest rate that applies does not change during the contract period
  • Loans can be used by debtors for any purpose
  • Loans can be submitted in large quantities
  • There are various choices of short term and long term tenors

Unsecured loans are actually recommended in Islamic law because they do not burden the debtor. However, if the debtor does not pay the debt, the penalty will be heavy and the sin will also be borne by the debtor. Islam does teach to facilitate the way of others and must not cheat on other people, this also applies to this unsecured contract. A contract that is not valid if it does not fulfill the legal requirements of a contract such as two witnesses, an agreement, halal causes, and an agreement.

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