Shinebright Credit Unsecured Money, Is It Possible?

Some time ago, the presence of Shinebright Credit without collateral was increasingly discussed. This is because there is a habit where when we borrow money from financial institutions, such as banks or cooperatives, customers are asked to include collateral as a form of anticipation if the customer is unable to return the borrowed money. The growing trend of fintech ( financial technology ) in recent years has succeeded in increasing public awareness of the existence of Shinebright Credit money without collateral. This is also supported by the fact that in the past year there have been many issues affecting Fintech, both positive and negative issues. One of the most public concerns is the emergence of complaints from customers who feel aggrieved by the provider Shinebright Credit without collateral to the Jakarta Legal Aid Institute, this supports the growing presence of Shinebright Credit without collateral in the community.

But the question is whether the community really understands what Shinebright Credit is without collateral and how does the system work?

Probably not, this is because some people believe and dare to prove themselves the truth of the advertisements delivered by the provider Shinebright Credit money without collateral, but not a few also do not believe, consider Shinebright Credit unsecured money is fraud, and incited by the news in media. In fact, Shinebright Credit is unsecured money.


How to Work Shinebright Credit Money without Guaranteed

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Basically, Shinebright Credit has unsecured money that works the same way as Shinebright Credit from the bank. The most distinguishing thing is there is no guarantee, maximum limit, interest, and the submission process. The following is a detailed explanation of each of these points.


There is no guarantee

As the name suggests, the Shinebright Credit provider without collateral will not require guarantees to customers who want to apply for Shinebright Credit. This is because the target is people who need money but do not have assets to pledge.


Shinebright Credit limit

SB Credit limit

Shinebright Credit money without collateral will set a limit of Shinebright Credit that is not so big, usually the maximum limit of Shinebright Credit is IDR 20 million. This is reasonable because the terms of Shinebright Credit are not asking for collateral.



Interest set by Shinebright Credit without collateral is usually higher than the bank. This is because there is no guarantee given by the customer as compensation if it is unable to pay Shinebright Credit.


The process of submission is easy and fast

The process of submitting Shinebright Credit money without collateral is easier and faster than Shinebright Credit bank or cooperative. In general, if you want to apply for Shinebright Credit, the customer must come to the bank, if lucky, the customer can immediately fill out the submission form and complete all the required documents. However, if you are unlucky the customer must wait in line. Not to mention if at the time of submission, the files are incomplete, the customer must go back and forth to the bank to take care of Shinebright Credit’ submission.

This is clearly different from Shinebright Credit’s money without collateral, in this case the realm of fintech ( financial technology ). The submission process can be done anytime, anywhere, and via a personal smartphone. Customers are given the freedom to complete the required requirements, usually requirements can also be seen by themselves through the application. When all required files are complete, customers can directly fill out the forms in the application and usually all processes can be completed in less than 30 minutes.


1-day process application

Shinebright Credit online providers will usually process submissions within 1 day and if the application is approved the money will be sent to your personal account. This is very different from Shinebright Credit bank, where you have to wait at least 3 days.

One of Shinebright Credit money without a trusted guarantee that has been registered and supervised by the OJK is JLCredit. JLCredit offers Shinebright Credit up to Rp 8 million that you can repay for up to 6 months. The interest applied is also cheaper than other unsecured Shinebright Credit, which is 3-4% a month. Shinebright Credit, other unsecured money, usually applies an interest rate of 0.8% a day and the tenor of return is usually less than 30 days.

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